Tinashe - Bet

שנת יציאה 2015

סגנון פופ וR&B

Tinashe - Bet


Sky's on fire
Lightning the stars, come
And you know I, Tried to tell you, attempted to warn ya
And we've been praying, anticipating, been a long time
Coming for the road that we had to follow
I'll be here tomorrow

Bet on it
Bet on it
Pay no mind to what the doubters all say
I'm a be around forever, always you can bet on it


Yeah whisper in the wind
Slippin' on the back of your neck
Somethin' bouta happen here
And you're gonna wanna witness it for sure and bet
When you're sick of all the past
The past is what only seems to be what's logical
Nothing more never less
Ain't no stopping what is written by the by the cosmic call



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