Asap Ferg - Yammy Gang

שנת יציאה 2016

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Asap Ferg - Yammy Gang


Yammy Gang gang, say my name five times
Bitches on my hotline, bling
Thank you BasedGod, brang-dang-dang-dang
Me and Pop fuck the same hoes
Beat the pussy like the Wayans bros
Bang-bang-bang-bang like Chiefy Sosa
Flocka with the fuego
Run at any case, money be the case
Murder be the case, better call the lawyer
Try to beat the case, try to flee the states
Cry to immigration, nigga, thought I told you
Nut on her face, bought her shades
I pull up, pull all on her face
Pussy get murdered every day, bruh
Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang
Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang

Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang, Yammy Gang
My niggas set it on any man
2016, we got bigger plans
I might go bleach in that boo pack
I might go home but don't talk to me
Yeezus, Jesus walk with me
Last year bein' broke
If you ain't talkin' money, don't talk to me

Yamborghini high
Diamonds in the rain, made the hall of fame
Prosper be the gang
Always gotta strive, I could never change
Word to Yams
I'll smack a nigga in his skinny pants, yeah
High as hell
Man I'm fly as well, do the Diddy dance

Yamborghini Gang
Yammy Gang
This the A$AP Gang

This is for all my beautiful people around the world.
My son was a genius. I wanna continue his legacy



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