Fetty Wap - Again

שנת יציאה 2015

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Fetty Wap - Again


I hope you know I need you, ay, yeaaah baby
I get up on my knees too, ay, yeaaah baby
Do anything to please you, ay, yeaaah baby
Top down when we breeze through, ay, yeaaah baby
Know they call me Zoovier
We living like a movie
And all the bands down to going up, girl, you know we ran through it
I need you baby, I ain’t afraid admit it
Girl, I need you baby, girl tell me if you with it
Yeaah baby, all the bands I’ma spend it
Big ZooWap to the finish
When I come through, they screaming out
Zoovier, baby scream it loud

And I want you to be mine again baby
I know my lifestyle is driving you crazy
But, I cannot see myself without you
We call them fans though, girl you know how we do
I go out of my way to please you
I go out of the way to see you
I ain’t playing no games, I need you



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