Fetty Wap - My Way

שנת יציאה 2015

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Fetty Wap - My Way


Baby, won't you come my way?
Got something I want to say
Cannot keep you out my brain
But first off I'mma start by sayin' this, aye
All headshots if you think you could take my bitch, aye
And I'm too turnt, when I shoot, swear I won't miss, aye
Ba-Baby, won't you come my way?
Baby, won't you come my way?

Baby girl, you can stay the night 'till the morn'
All this ice on my arm, what you like, what you want?
And I might put you on, bitch, it's mine can't you see?
And I rock seventeen, all these knots in my jeans
Me and Zoo turnin' up, got your boo in the cut
And she sue cause it's looking like the roof going up
Counting all this bread, I don't talk to feds
Try and take my bitch, you gonna take two to the head
Cause baby you the baddest, all this money, I'mma cash it
And I'm swervin' all in traffic while I'm trapping out the mansion
And I'm moving through the tri-state
Do two-hundred on the highway
And I'm swerving in my i8, baby, you should come my way



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