Wiz Khalifa - No Permission

אלבום Khalifa

שנת יציאה 2016

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Wiz Khalifa - No Permission


Money come and money go, we stay the same though
Money come and money go, we stay the same though

Still getting richer, her friend came for richer
They answer my calls and I guess you don’t know 'bout this blessing you missin'
Keys in ignition, ready to start it
Killing that pussy, that’s dearly departed
OK, now give me your thoughts on this carpet
Just got the call, Imma pull up and park it
Smellin' like kush, what could you tell me?
Body all chocolate like Keisha in Belly
Damn girl I like what you do with that jelly
You here for your interview, shoutout O'Reilly
We gettin' money nigga case closed
All hundreds to the bankroll
If you coming nigga, let’s go
I’m talking crab with the eggroll
Just shot a text “What you doin tonight?”
Oh is you down for the two in the night?
Turn off the lights but that ain’t what I like
I want to see what you do in the light
Told me you grown and don’t need no permission
If it hadn’t been for you Ima need intervention
Hold up a second, I’m talkin', just listen
What’s on your mind?
Don’t make no decisions
I’m gone



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