Birdy - Beautiful Lies

שנת יציאה 2016

סגנון פופ

Birdy - Beautiful Lies


Tell me beautiful lies
I wish that I had the strength to let go, but I don't
I'm paralyzed
I see the child in your eyes and I'm stuck in the headlights

I know too well that time will tell
It's easy to forget

Cause I want to be forever
Like smoke in the air
Float like a feather going nowhere
Lost in the silence
I don't need to be free
Kill me with kindness
And please

Oh, well, I've tried to be open
But I've found it's hard when you're broken
And in the heat of the moment, we're free
So please, please

Tell me beautiful lies
Cover my eyes with your hands
Just pretend we're better
Turn out the light
There are no more surprises to come
Let's be numb together



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