Fetty Wap - Wake Up

שנת יציאה 2016

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Fetty Wap - Wake Up


I told moms I ain't tripping over school cause I made it
Said, Boy you got a son, supposed to be his inspiration
Put a milli in his bank account, don't leave him, I was thinking
I'll never do him wrong like they did the operation
Took the nigga's bitches from him, was a mothafucking cake
Said a couple years later they could give him back to me
Technology is moving too slow, I'm waiting patiently
Shit, I don't want it no more, this how I'm meant to be
Remember young kids in the school used to laugh at him
Guess I played my numbers real good, check the mathematics
Nigga brought the Zoovie Zoo up, why they mad at him?
Man I bought about 12 cars just to blast past
Switch cars so much, don't know which one to blast at
And my bitch so bad and you know her ass fat
Wanna ride through, man, ayy, Zoo'll laugh at
Zoo Gang my crew, won't put nothing past that

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, baby, yeah, yeah baby

Yeah, baby, woah, baby
Woah, baby



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