Eminem - 3 Verses

שנת יציאה 2005

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Eminem - 3 Verses


I'm the illest rapper to hold a cordlessLooking for hookers to punch in the mouth with a roll of quartersThan Rosco beating James Tarteenyer (?)I grew up in the wild hoodWith a fucked up childhoodAnd aint shit changedSince the third time that I failed 9th gradeI don't promote violence I just encourage itAs I fall down a cement flight of stepsSo throw caution to the windCan jump off of a bridge and if you live, do it againI'm blowing mine outIt's only fair to warnAnd metaphors attached to my damn umbulical cordThat smashed into your Honda AccordBut I'm more toward droppin an accapellaTo mozarellaGot you locked in the cellaDeveloping anorexiaEating a full course meal watching you starve to deathFeeding you liquid darvicetPull the plugsWho were picked up in an ambulanceTo receiving with the asses ripped outta they pantsA less than 20 percent chanceHave a possible placementStoring the dead bodies in grandma's little basementTo perform an autopsy on you while you scream "I'M STILL ALIVE!"And pulling your adams apple out through your mouthI've hired a arsonAnd burn up your entire apartmentGot your bitch wrapped around my dickMet a retarded kid named Greg with a wooden legGo to bed with the keg wake up with the 40Fuck an acid tab I'll strap the whole sheet to my foreheadNo more said case closed end of discussionLeaving you in the aftermath of holocaust and traumasWe blowin up your house killing your parents And I'm as good at keeping a promise as NostradamusI'm doing drivebys in tinted Corvettes on Vietnam war vetsMaybe more cause I smoked crack (?) Walk the block with a labradorFoul style galoreComing together like the eyebrow on Al B. Sure



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