Flo Rida - American Superstar

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Flo Rida - American Superstar


[Lil Wayne]
Look at me bitch
American superstar..[Flo-Rida]
Roses for the bitches
paparazzi takin pictures
I got guns for the snitches
Hoppin out the whip
x2Heavy metal when i'm ballin
you can call me axel
ask me bout what a n##### do will?
that's what a snitch n##### do that tell
if it's selected i'm bringin them shells
that's right playa better get it right playa
...i'm blowin my trees
no somebody shorty with me on my knees
she sexy flo-rida holla
get messy just like a mobsteryou serve like jimmy hopper

x2[Lil Wayne]
I got money on money on money on money
open that ferrari f 5 like eyes up and down ocean drive
she got a tattoo on her booty and it say 305
Cause you dont want me to edit before we roll the credits
i'm so energetic
whatever i want i get it
and i say i keep it pumpin i aint talkin unletted
cause boy i'm ready
got two bitches one peanut butter one jelly

x2[Lil Wayne]



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