Rihanna - talk that talk

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Rihanna - talk that talk


Talk that talk to me, yeah[Jay-Z:]
Every little city I go, fuck me
Had it by a bladder, she like "oh I gotta pee"
Singer slash actress in my bedroom
Everything that do is big
I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome
We heading to the top, if you coming, come on
Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa
They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up

One and two and a three and four
You know what I like, now get right
Yeah boy I like it yeah boy I like it
Yeah that talk to me yeah

Say what you want, say you want you like
Tell me how to love you, tell me how to hold youI'mma get it right on the first try for you
And you will never have another like me, yeah
So I'ma give it to you baby[Hook][Bridge:]
I want it all night, give it to me baby
Give it to me baby, give it to me babyWhat you saying now, give it to me baby
What you saying now, give it to me babyTalk that talk to me, yeah



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