Linkin Park - It's going down

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Linkin Park - It's going down


[Woman][Intro]I knew I was being threatenedDo you think it was worth holding out?I mean I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guysUgly stories[Mike Shinoda][Verse 1]It's going downThe rhythm projects 'round the next soundReflects the complex hybrid dialect nowDetects the mesh of many elements compressed downThe melting pot of a super-futuresque styleThe combination of vocal caressWith lungs the gasp for breathFrom emotional stressWith special effectsAnd a distorted collageCarefully lodged between beats of rhythmic barrage[Chorus (X-ecutioners with Mike Shinoda):]Put it out for the world to seeLP and X-Men to the 10th degree (It's goin down)Nobody in the world is safeWhen we melt down the wax in your record crate (It's going down)[Pre-chorus][X-ecutioners]X-men 'bout to blast off world wideYo it's a request onlyX-men 'bout to blast off world wideIt's built from scratchAlbum in stores soon'Bout to blast off world wideAnd you do it like thisJust like this[X-ecutioners, Mike Shinoda]Like thisLike thisLike thisLike thisLike this



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