Rihanna - We Ride

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Rihanna - We Ride


It's 'til the day that we die
It's 'til the day that we die[Verse 1]
'Bout a quarter to 1
We become
I thought we could make it
Just wanna forget about it
And the letters she sent
You were out we your friends
Play me like I'm stupid

Now I look back on the time
I see it in my mind
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You got me breaking down
But this is what you say[Chorus x2][Verse 2]
Of the day that we met
That'll never forget
In the ocean
Make me feel like I'm floating (yeah)
When you know it's the truth
Quite like I do
And my loving
Better than us[Hook][Chorus x2][Verse 3]
It's not that easy
Of everything (everything) that we planned
Just blame yourself cuz you blew it
Sweet baby
Somehow wanna believe you and meI wish that you come hold me
When I need someone to talk to
Just like everything you told me
Boy you forgot about the promises
And now we'll let the memories
But I remember
(when we ride we ride it's 'til the day that we die)[Chorus x2]We ride



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