Eminem - Won't Back Down

שנת יציאה 2010

סגנון היפ הופ וראפ

Eminem - Won't Back Down


[Chorus - Pink:]you can call out your guardsyou can pull all the cardsoh no I wont back down[Verse 1 - Eminem:]brain dead rims yeah stupid wheelslose your tooth and nailsstupid you will feelshooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to killscreaming F that yeah super illwe can chill, split half a pill and a happy mealI cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the billyou know the fucking drillsummers eve Massengillcause it's your God-damn jamwell shawty I'm that manI gave Bruce Wayne a Valium and saidget it calm batman?lines are like mum's cat scanshunny I applaude that assma show ‘em how it's done[Chorus - Pink]Gotta shake that ass like a Donkey with Parkinsonsbetcha that you'll never guess who's knocking at your dooryeah tonight ladies you gon get divorcedChris's paws like you pissed him offyou aint gotta lick in yoursmakin' cash registers shit their drawsI'm an uncooked slab of beefotherwords I'm off the meat rackbring me two extension chordsfuck my dicks big bitchyou're addicted I'm dopeneed a fix up I'm the big shotyour just small boats little pricksI'll drink gasoline and eat a lit matchbetter call the cops on ‘em quick fastwhite trash with a half of six pack in his hatchback[Chorus - Pink]Bitch am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rappingand smokes purp does a wordsearch gets circles wrapped around him likeof what the fuck I can do when I'm on the micpsych I'm ****ing you like a footballyou're a good catch with a shitty spousegimme good brainbitch you listening tryna' turn me downare you insane tryna talk over me in the carI'ma shit stain on the underwear of lifeand they say that it never strikes twice in the same placein three different locationsand you can bet your stanking assfork was in the road took the psychopathso hit the dance floor cutie while I do my duty on this microphonewhy you think Proof used to call me Doody[Chorus - Pink]



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